About Us

Marine Hobby has been the pinnacle of Aquarium Aquatics.


Magnificent colors inside water go beyond the zone of explanation, This Hobby started in 1846 and became popular in early 1950s ever since this Hobby has been considered as a difficult choice while choosing between freshwater and saltwater (True, Because of mainly two reasons Maintenance and Price). We at MarineHobby are fully equipped and committed to serve you with customized Marine Aquarium Fish and Reef tanks fully operational as low as a Hobby.


But if you have reached here, you are considering of taking Marine as a Hobby. This is the most colorful and rewarding hobby in the Aquarium Aquatics. We provide all kind of help and guidance to a healthy marine life aquarium.

We Provide;

  1. Live Stock.
  2. Aquarium Accessories.
  3. Aquarium Maintenance Service.
  4. Marine Consultation.

We do home deliveries and also work on consignment/project for Marine Aquatics.